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Whether you are looking for just a touch of color or a full wall mural, we can add that special touch of personality to your child's room that your desiring. 

If you are looking for a dramatic statement in your nursery or any room of your house, I can custom paint full wall or partial murals to any theme.  You get to decide how much or little detail is involved in the mural, and how large or small the mural will be.
I charge $15/square foot of paintable wallspace for simple "cartoonish" style muraling for children's rooms.  If you would like more ralistic muraling prices vary by the size and shape of the surface being painted as well as the mural subject.  Pricing on realistic muraling starts at $35/square foot of paintable wallspace.
Usually a standard 10'x10' room has 180-220 square feet of paintable wallspace.  If you have questions please email me.

General Painting
I can also do general home painting (one to two colors solid color painting of a wall) for only $250 for a standard 10'x10' room.  The actual price depends on the number of colors you want used and size of the room.  If you would like a quote on any room, just email me the dimensions of the room and how you would like it painted.
I can do stenciling or hand painted borders along the top of a wall or around windows for a nice decorative look.  The usual price range for this is about $4/ft. for stenciled and $8/ft for hand painted.  Borders are 7" or less in height, anything over 7" in height is an additional $2/in of additional height.
We also do wallpaper borders for $50-$75 flat fee depending on the size of the room.  You get to choose the border and we will put it up for you.  A wonderful look that we recommend is two-toned solid color walls with a decorative wallpaper border dividing the colors a little less then 1/2 way up the wall.  It is a simple and inexpensive way to do a lot with any room.
We are also able to paint furniture - such as beds, dressers, cribs, etc. to match your bedding or wall color choices.  Prices on re-finishing varies depending on if you want the original finish/paint stripped first or just painted over, and also the size of the actual item and the amount of detail on the item.  Please contact me for a quote on any furniture item.  Include the type of item, current type of finish on the item and whether you would like it stripped first, how you would like it re-painted,  a general description of the item, and the measurements of the item.  If the item has drawers please specify the dimensions of each drawer front.  Pictures are worth a thousand words - so if you are able to email a photo with your inquiry it will help tremendously.
If you have a specific project not mentioned on this page please contact me and I will let you know if I am able to paint what it is you are requesting.

Example Projects
Click on any picture below to view more photos from the project.

Noah's Ark in a Precious Moments Theme

Underwater Nursery

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