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Before e-mailing a question to us, please see if the answer is located here on our FAQ's page.  We try to list as many answers as we can to help our customers.

Q: Do you have a boutique or shop that I can visit in person?
A: Sorry, but Eliza Jayne Originals is online only.  We do offer in-person consultations for customers in a limited San Diego, CA area.

Q: Do you carry fabric? Can I buy fabric directly from you?
A: We are not a fabric retailer and do not carry by-the-yard fabric on hand for clients to purchase.  However, we can sometimes get discounted rates on large amounts of fabric through certain wholesalers and fabric companies.  If you are looking to purchase 10 or more yards of a single fabric, please check with us and we will see if we can get it at a discounted rate for you.

Q: Do I have to buy my own fabric?
A: No.  If you are highly intimidated by the idea of selecting your own fabric, we definitely will not force you to buy it yourself.  The staff here at Eliza Jayne Originals is committed to making this process as easy on our clients as we can.  The cost of fabric, swatches, shipping & handling and any other charges still remain the responsibility of the client.

Q: I need my order fast - do you do "rush orders"?
A: Yes.  If you need something made in less than our standard turn around time for that item, we can certainly make it our first priority and "rush" it for you.  A rush order gets placed at the top of our work order list and will be overnighted to you once completed to ensure it makes your deadline.  There are additional fees for the rush order as well as the additional postage & handling.   We do not guarantee that we can accept all rush orders, there are time limitations for rush orders on all items as well.

Q: Can I substitute an item in the Basic 5 Piece Crib Set for something else?
A: Yes.  The item you are wishing to substitute for an item in the Basic Set must be of comperable value to the original Basic Set item that it is replacing.

Q: Can I add/remove an item from the Basic 5 Piece Crib Set?
A: You can certainly add items to the Basic Set, however they will result in additional fees for the cost of that item. 
     You can also choose not to have an item in the Basic Set made, however there is no discount in price for the removed item.  We suggested that you replace the removed item with a different item of similar value.  You may request a quote on just the items that you want as well; the pricing may be cheaper when calculated individually, depending on what item you wish to leave out.

Q: Can I modify the design sketches for the Basic 5 Piece Crib Set to fit my taste more?
A: Though the Basic Set is priced for only the specific design in the Design Sketches, we are able to make modifications for additional fees.  Some alterations are so minor they have no fees, however most do.  The amount of each fee varies depending on the modification requested, so please request a quote that includes any changes you would like. 

Q: Can I purchase the notions for the Basic 5 Piece Crib Set myself?
A: Yes.  If you would like to purchase all the necessary notions for the Basic Set yourself, we will gladly provide you with a listing of all notions needed for your set and we will discount the price of the set by $40.

Q: I really want to have a custom item made, however I don't really know anything about sewing or designing something.  Can I still have a custom item made?
A: Of course!  You don't have to be a sewing expert to have a custom item made.  You just have to know what you want in a general sense.  We try to make the ordering process as easy as possible on you and will use sketches, digital pictures of similar items, and as much description as necessary to help you finalize your custom item's design.  All custom orders come with their own design sketches detailing how they will be made/look, and we do not price the item or start on it until you agree that the sketches are indeed what you want - so you have no worries of not knowing what you will get as a finished product.

Q: If I don't like my order when it is delivered, can I get my money back?
A: If you are not satisfied with your order when it is delivered, you can return it in the original packaging and same condition it was shipped to you for a refund of up to 50% of the cost of the order, less the deposit.  We do not give full refunds on any item once it has been made.  We may charge a fee if any item is damaged or soiled in any way when it is received back from you, it must be in re-sellable "new" condition.

Q: What happens if I want to change my design/theme choice after my item(s) have already been ordered?
A: This is a very tricky question.  If you have already finalized your order and you decide that you want to change the existing design, we can always do alterations as long as the portion being altered has not already been completed.  All alterations to a order will result in additional fees.
      If you decide to change the theme or fabrics of your item, and completely new fabric must be purchased or the design will be changed completely, one of two things will occur:
  • If no work has been done on your order, you may purchase all necessary new fabric for the altered theme/fabrics and pay nothing if keeping the same design or a $50 re-design fee if the design is being re-worked.
  • If work has been started on your order (fabric has been cut or treated in any way), then your deposit and fabric will become forfeit and a completely new order will have to be started for you from the beginning.

Q: Am I allowed to decide whether or not I want to buy an item after it has already been made?
A: No.  We require a deposit on all orders before any work can be done.  We do not complete any orders without appropriate payments being made according to a payment schedule.