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Bedding Definitions

A - O

1.5X Gathered Crib Skirt - This is a one and a half times gathered skirt - what this means is the short side panels will be made of 42" of fabric, the long sides will be made of 78" of fabric, and both are gathered down to their respective sizes.  For most people this creates an adequately gathered skirt without adding very much fullness to it.

2X Gathered Crib Skirt - This is a two times gathered skirt - what this means is the short side panels will be made of 56" of fabric, the long sides will be made of 104" of fabric, and both are gathered down to their respective sizes.  This creates a very gathered look and the skirt is adequately full for most people.

2.5X Gathered Crib Skirt - This is a two and a half times gathered skirt - what this means is the short side panels will be made of 70" of fabric, the long sides will be made of 130" of fabric, and both are gathered down to their respective sizes.  This creates an extremely gathered look and the skirt is very full.

4 Pc. Bumper Pads - The 4 pc. bumper pads are made in 4 pieces.  One pad for each side of the crib.  They come standard with only 1 (one) fabric choice, they fit a standard crib size (28"x52"), and stand approximately 9" high.  There are ties on all 4 corners and the center of each longer pad and loops on the 4 corners of the shorter pads.  All ties and loops are made with either biased tape or ribbon (based on client preference).  All ties are 12" long, loops are large enough to accommodate the ties (approx. 3").

Applique - An applique is either a store bought or hand-made design that is stitched to the outside of any item.  For example, you can add several flower or baseball appliques on a block quilt to create a cute motif for your nursery, or you can buy a turtle applique from the store and have it either ironed on or hand-sewn on (store bought appliques vary in type, some are iron on's and others are not.  Iron on's do not always have the same lifetime and durability as hand-sewn).

Basic Block Quilt - A basic block quilt top is made up of multi-colored or patterned squares set in a grid, the bottom is a single fabric, it is lined standard with low loft batting, and bound with biased tape.  It is very easy to get creative with this design - especially if you choose multiple textures and colors of fabric for your blocks.  Your new baby will love to feel the different textures and see the different colors as their eyesight and sense of touch develop.  The basic block quilt does not include any appliques.

Batting - Batting is the filler that goes into a comforter or quilt that makes them slightly plush.  Batting can also be used in bumper pads or other items as a thinner padding.  It comes in either polyester, cotton or a blend of both.  Polyester is used standard, please notify us if you prefer 100% cotton instead.

Block Quilt - The block quilt is the same as the "Basic Block Quilt", however it does include up to 1 (one) applique per square.  This look is good if you want to create a simple themed quilt.  By adding a simple heart, flower, frog, or even many different shapes, to the quilt you can add a splash of style to your nursery.

Comforter - A comforter is made of 2 pieces of fabric, lined with low loft batting, and bound with biased tape.  It differs from a quilt in that both the top and bottom are made of a single sheet of fabric.  The comfort is quilted in either a standard grid pattern or straight lines every 3"-4".

Crib Skirt - A crib skirt has a top of sturdy lining (white or off white fabric made to endure the springs on the crib frame).  The actual skirt comes in 4 panels (2 short sides and 2 long sides) to fit a standard size crib (28"x52" - frames are generally 26"x50," please inform us if yours is different).  The standard crib skirt ranges between 10"-20" long (from lining to bottom seam), the panels are only a single layer of fabric, and a single fabric choice for all 4 panels.

Fitted Sheet - a fitted sheet goes over the top of the mattress and has a casing around the edge with elastic to keep the sheet snug.

Flat Crib Skirt - The panels of a flat crib skirt are made standard of a single fabric choice pulled straight.  It is a very simple look for your crib if you are going with a basic nursery.

Flat Sheet - a flat sheet is a single flat piece of fabric finished on all four edges.  Flat sheets are generally sized so that they will fit over the top and sides of the mattress with an additional 6"-8" to tuck under the mattress.

Foam - Foam is a type of stuffing or filler that is sturdier than batting.  If you are trying to achieve a more solid and upright look for your bumpers, foam is the way to go.  One problem with foam is that it creates a very "rigid" look and the angles can be very sharp (because it is firmer than batting and has a difinitive shape).  One way to help or eliminate this is to have your bumper foam lined with batting as well.  This will make them slightly thicker than just foam or batting, but will also give you stability in the bumper and the softer curves to the edges.

"Full Stuffed" - Full stuffed refers to bumper pads that are filled with polyester fiberfill (usually used for making pillows) to create a more "rounded" and full look for the bumper pad.  Full stuffed bumpers tend to range shorter than other bumpers because some of the height is lost in gaining the fullness of the bumper.

Inverted Pleat - A inverted pleat is when the fabric is folded over to create a sort of gather in a single spot that will open gradually from top to bottom.  Inverted pleats can be dressed up by placing a secondary fabric choice inside the pleat so that as the pleat "opens" towards the bottom more of the secondary fabric shows. 

Mosquito Net - A mosquito net is a sheer fabric attached to either a hook or hoop that goes over a bed to keep mosquitos and other pests from bothering the occupant as they sleep.  These nets come in handy for wetter climates where mosquitos can be a problem.  They can be problematic when used for infant or toddler beds if the child can and does decide to play with the long loose fabric at night.  The child can become entangled or pull the net down on themselves - exercise caution when using this item for children of any age.

P - Z

Patterned Block Quilt - A patterned block quilt top is designed in any one of hundreds of pre-patterned "blocks" that we have in stock.  The pattern is repeated for as many blocks as necessary to make the desired size.  In some cases a border is necessary to achieve the complete size of the quilt.  The quilt back is a single fabric, lined with low loft batting, bound in biased tape.
Some popular and well-known "blocks" are the log cabin and pinwheel designs.  If you are interested in seeing examples of all our different "blocks" please email an inquiry to us.

Picture or Mural Quilts - The picture or mural quilt top is a single fabric with many appliques that create a picture or mural.  The back is a single fabric, lined with low loft batting, bound in biased tape.  This is by far the most challenging quilt to make, and the most rewarding to own. 

Pillow - a pillow is made by creating a outer shell or casing for the pillow and stuffing it with either fiberfill or a ready-made pillow form.  Pillows can come in any shape and size and are priced in general by groups - see the definition of each pillow group below for more info. on each type of pillow.  Pillows do not come standard with any sort of trim or piping, however they can be upgraded for additional fees.

Pillows - Group A - pillows in Group A are either square or rectangular only.  The measurement listed by the price is for the longest side of the pillow.

Pillows - Group B - Group B pillows are simple geometric shapes that include either only 1-2 curves or all straight lines.  The shapes that are acceptable in this category are: Circle, Heart, Oval, any geometric shape up to 8 sides. (Stars are not included in this category).
Pillows - Group C - Group C pillows are more complex designs that involve little to no piecing (one fabric for main pillow body only).  The shapes that are acceptable in this category are: Star, Flower, Doll, Frog, Turtle, etc.  in basic outlines - no detailwork. (Full stuffed animals or sock plush toys are not included in this category).
Pillows - Group D - Group D pillows are the most complex that we offer.  They include detail, piecework, and any shape.  All requests for a class D pillow are taken on a case by case basis based on what the client wants as an end product.  These are still pillows only - if you would like a plush toy or doll made, they have individual pricings in the "toy" section of our website.

Plastic Fitted Sheet - a plastic fitted sheet is made just like a regular fitted sheet, only it is made of water-proof plastic to protect a mattress when a infant or toddler is not potty trained.

Plastic Zippered Sheet - a plastic zippered sheet fits around the full mattress (top and bottom) and has a zipper along one full edge so the entire mattress can be enclosed.  The sheet is made of a water-proof plastic to protect the mattress from "accidents" by non-potty trained infants & toddlers.

Pleat - A pleat is when the fabric is folded over to create a sort of gather in a single spot.  Usually items are pleated so that the fabric is first gathered one direction, then the other in the same area.  (See Also "Inverted Pleat") 

Pleated Crib Skirt - The panels of this skirt come standard with inverted pleats, however regular pleats are available as well.  The creases are usually ironed in for a crisper look.  This skirt comes standard with one (1) pleat on each short side and three (3) pleats on each long side.

Reversible Bumper Pads - Reversible bumper pads have the same dimensions and specifications as the 4 pc. bumper pads, however they come standard with 2(two) fabric choices (one on each side of the bumpers) so that the bumpers can be "reversed" or mixed and matched for a different look each day.  This is our most versatile bumper design, allowing you to change the overall look of your set any time you wish.  You can either have all of one pattern showing, or alternate the patterns going around the crib.

Silky-edged Blanket - The silky edged blanket is our most popular simple blanket.  It can be either single or double sided, comes in a variety of sizes, and is bound in a silky edge for a nice finished look.  Infants and toddlers love the feel of our silky edgings, and if you have a toddler that has become attached to a pair of your "silky underwear" or other embarrassing item, these blankets great replacements for that security item.

Single Bumper Pad - a single bumper pad is made of a single fabric, the 4 sides of the bumpers are connected in a single string, there is no trim or embellishments to start and the bumpers come standard with only 1 (one) fabric choice.  There are ties at all 4 corners of the crib on top and bottom of the bumpers as well as a tie on top and bottom in the center of each longer side.  The ties are made of either biased tape or ribbon, client's choice.  The bumpers fit a standard size crib (28"x52") and stand approximately 9" high.  All bumpers can be filled with either batting, foam, or a combination of both - prices vary by filling.

Swaddling Blankets - Swaddling blankets are made of a single piece of fabric pencil finished or turned under for a 1/4" seam at the edge.