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Basic Crib Set

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Description of Basic Crib Set & Requirements

*Please note that we do not include fabric in our pricing because fabrics vary in price and some are much more expensive than others.  We allow our clients to select their own fabrics, thus they can pick the style, quality, and price that fit their taste and budget.


Price: $200 + fabric.


Basic Set Includes:

         Crib size comforter (approx. 30”x40” finished size).  Single fabric top & bottom, The top may be a different fabric from the bottom although you do need to account for the fabric difference.  The comforter is machine quilted in straight stitching every 3”-4”.  Biased tape is used for the edging, and it is hand finished for a clean look.

         Bumper pad (Approx. 158”x 9”x1”).  The bumper comes as a single long bumper segmented into the long and short sides of the crib.  They are one fabric choice only.  Biased tape or ribbon is used for the rail ties (approx. 12”per tie side).  The bumpers are padded with high loft batting and have no trim or piping.

         Crib skirt (max 20” long).  4 paneled skirt (to fit over crib mountings), gathered (the client may select to have a flat skirt at no additional charge – please ask about adjustments to the fabric requirements).  One fabric for entire skirt.  The skirt is finished with a sturdy lining to go over the metal crib frame.

         Valance (max 60” x 15”).  The valance is a single fabric.  Rod pocket, style by default, however the client can choose to have a tab top valance at no additional charge, however additional notions will need to be provided with the fabric.

         Fitted sheet (standard crib size – 28”x52”).  Single fabric for the sheet.  The sheet is finished with ” elastic run through a casing the entire way around the sheet opening.


Fabric – some of the items in the set allow you to choose different lengths, so the fabric listed here is the max for each item:

        2 yds Comforter (2 1/2 yds if using a 1-way print fabric, or 45" per side if using a different fabric for the top and bottom of the comforter.

        3 yds Bumpers (4 yds if using a 1-way print fabric)

        3 1/2 yds Skirt (4 yds if using a 1-way print fabric, this type of fabric also results in more seams for the bumpers)

        1/2 yd Valance (1 yd if using a 1-way print fabric)

         2 1/8 yds Sheet


* It is recommended that the fabric be either 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blend, or flannel for a “comfy” set.  Although I can also make the set from any other fabric you like, with the exception of safety hazards (tulle, glittery, fringy materials) and stretch fabrics (jersey knits, lycra blends, etc.)  All measurements are based on 43” or wider fabric with minimal shrinkage when washed (no more than 1”).  Additional fabric is needed for “stretch” fabrics and fabrics that will shrink a lot when washed.  If you are unsure if your fabric choice is suitable, please ask the seamstress – the seamstress is not responsible if additional fabric is needed due to excessive shrinkage in pre-washing or if the client does not purchase the required amount or an unuseable fabric.


Notions – Notions are included in the pricing:

         5 yds bias tape to coordinate with the Comforter fabric

         8 yds bias tape to coordinate with the Bumper fabric

         1 pk Crib size low loft or other batting.

         1 pk. memory foam or polyester fiberfill for the Bumper pads

         2 yds sturdy fabric for Skirt lining

         2 spools of coordinating thread (all purpose or quilters thread only)

         3 yds 1/4" elastic for Sheet