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All the items on this page are currently (at time of last update to this site) available for sale.  We do attempt to keep this page very current so that we do not get anyone's hopes up unnecessarily.
If you like the style of any item, but not the fabric, you can have the same item made in different fabrics that you get to choose, however it will then be a custom item and will be subject to the same pricing as all custom items.
If you like the fabric of any item, but not the style, then we may be able to get the same fabric for you on re-order.  This is not always possible, however, as some of our items are made with discontinued, vintage, or limited availability prints and are not re-orderable.  Please always check with us as we will do our very best to find any fabric that you are interested in from this site.

For a detailed view of the item, please click on the image.  Some items below are part of a set, to view the entire set you will need to click on the single image.  If you have any trouble with the links on this page, please notify our web support team.

ABC Quilt & Easter Quilt - still available for sale!

Wedding Quilt - $3,500

Blue floral pring, white ruffle trim, puff sleeves, square neckline - size 3T- $20

Daisy Girl Dress