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Eliza Jayne Originals

Dress Styles and Definitions
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A-line - can come in varying styles of skirts, but the A-line is noted for the lack of a distinct separate bodice.  The bodice and skirt are all one piece.  This dress has been very popular lately with a gathered panel on the side.

Ao Dai - a traditional vietnamese dress.  This dress is form fitting with a high collar and long sleeves.  The skirt is usually divided in the front or on the sides with a second layer underneath.

Ballgown - the bodice on this gown goes to the natural waist, where it is taken up with a very full gathered skirt.  The skirt can be made of a solid fabric or sheer.

Basque Waist - similar to the ballgown, however the front of the bodice comes down lower, usually in a V-cut, to add length to the wearer's body.

Cheongsam Style (chinese dress) - a traditional chinese dress.  Usually it is form fitting with a high collar, and a paneled front that fastens with buttons near the shoulder and slits up the side of the skirt.  This dress is usually floor or mid-calf length.

Empire Waist - the bodice on this dress is above the natural waist - usually right below the bust.

Fishtail skirt - an extra panel is added to the back of the skirt and gathered at the waist to fan out at the bottom to create a train effect.

Handkerchief Skirt - the skirt on this dress is usually made of layers of fabric cut into squares so that the points face downward.

Halter - a bodice with two pieces of fabric that meet behind the neck.

Mermaid - a close fitting dress through the bodice and hips, usually about knee to mid-calf the skirt flares outward.  This dress is only good for slim builds as it can add additional curves to the wearer.

Sheath - a figure hugging dress.  Usually only mid-calf or shorter lengths and sleeveless.

Most of the pictures on this site are from outside sources.  I use them as examples to help in ordering.  I am currently compiling a portfolio of pictures that will replace those on this site, and will do so as they become available.  In the meantime, examples of my work are available upon request along with design sketches of any and all of my own original designs.