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Eliza Jayne Originals


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I currently outsource for my garters.  All styles here are available in various colors.  Please check with me if you would like a slightly different style or a different color as there are additional garters available that are not specifically shown here.

Large sheer rhinestone heart garter set

$22 + tax

Large Daisy Garter

$16 + tax

Small sheer blue rhinestone heart garter

$21 + tax

Large double sheer cinderella slipper garter

$24 + tax

Most of the pictures on this site are from outside sources.  I use them as examples to help in ordering.  I am currently compiling a portfolio of pictures that will replace those on this site, and will do so as they become available.  In the meantime, examples of my work are available upon request along with design sketches of any and all of my own original designs.