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Aqua Divas Crib Set - 4 piece set

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This 4 piece crib set was made for a woman in the UTC area.  The set included 4 reversible bumper pads, 3 crib sheets in the coordinating fabrics, a crib skirt, and a windowshade for a large bedroom window.
The fabrics used were Aqua Divas and Stripes by Michael Miller, Giggle Dots and Fuschia stretch velvet from Joann's.  The set took approximately 40-50 hours of labor to make.

My crib at home does not show off the set very well, but it gives a nice preview of what the bows on the outside look like when attached.

View of the Outside of the Crib

Each bumper pad is a separate piece.  They are all reversible so that they can all be turned the same way or alternated for a different look depending on preference.  One side is full Aqua Divas and the other side is 1/3 stripes at the top and giggle dots for the other 2/3.  The ruffle at the top is hand made of the fuschis stretch velvet.

View of the bumpers inside the crib

Six total bows were made for the set.  Two for the front of the crib, two for the windowshade, and two for the back of a glider rocker that is in the nursery as well.

Close-up of the accent bows

The skirt is made of 2/3 giggle dots at the top and 1/3 stripes at the bottom.  There is a ruffle of fuschia stretch velvet where the two fabrics come together, making the skirt coordinate very well with the bumpers.

Close-up of the Skirt

The windowshade was approximately 4 ft. wide.  It is a flat shade that was made to be gathered up at around 2/3 down the window.  There are 2 hand made ribbons that run down the front for gathering the shade.

Close-up of the window shade